About HADI

Human Assistance & Development International is a non-profit organization working for the socio-economic and educational development of people worldwide.  HADI has been working since 1991 in the field of long-term sustainable development around the world. HADI is incorporated in the State of California as a public benefit, charitable and educational organization.

Mission Statement

HADI’s mission is to leverage and blend technologies, sciences, and social sciences to provide education and resources to educators, NGOs, humanitarian workers, activists, religious leaders, and others that contribute to mutual understanding, respect and cooperation for the betterment of all.

Vision Statement

HADI shall provide a platform to gather human, economic and information resources to promote the long-term development and growth of people worldwide.

Our Projects

HADI has supported various relief, educational and economic development efforts. It has worked with universities and educational institutions, cultural centers, interfaith groups, law enforcement, and public agencies to engage specific communities and the general public. Currently, the two main focus areas are:


IslamiCity is one of the world’s most visited portals since 1995 for information about Islam and Muslims. 15 million visitors per year seeking aggregated news, analysis on cultural-religious, socio-economic, and scientific information relevant to Muslims and those seeking to understand Muslim views on many contemporary issues. The aim is to promote greater understanding among civilizations.


CLASSRoad is the recipient of the highly competitive STARTALK grant by NFLC at the University of Maryland to deliver summer teacher training programs since 2007, stressing best practices in world language pedagogy. CLASSRoad has developed an extensive infrastructure for language education like STARTALKCREATE.ORG, STARTALKCAREERS.ORG, LangCred.org