Student Housing & Internship Program (SHIP)

SHIP is a residential internship program where students will be living in the heart of media and technology hub in Culver City, California. This program will engage students in various activities and foster the growth of leaders committed to faith in action.

Benefits of the SHIP Program

* Affordable housing in a prime location next to the Mosque in the heart of Culver City with convenient public transportation.

* Acquire hands-on experience in problem-solving and decision making.

* Receive a compelling Letter of Recommendation for prospective employers.

* Attend educational events organized by IslamiCity.

* Your neighbors will be Sony, Apple, Amazon, Google, YouTube, NPR. — Imagine the networking opportunities.

The SHIP program will help you achieve work-life balance at a critical time in your life.

The Skills We Are Looking for

Students from a wide range of areas of interest will be considered including Engineering, Computer Science, Film & Media, Digital Arts, Mass Communication, Foreign Languages, Education, etc.

Following are some specific examples:

Languages and Education
Develop content for the one million visitors to IslamiCity every month, Story writing, Grant writing. Get involved in CLASSRoad education projects.

Computer Science and Information Technology
Web development, Game development, and App development.

Marketing and Multimedia
Graphic design, Copywriting, Social and Digital Media marketing.

Film & Media
Storyboarding, Animation, Videography, Video editing, Voice-over.

What You Will be Doing as an Intern

We will discuss with you your areas of interest and determine the best utilization of your skills. You will be working on various on-going projects for IslamiCity and CLASSRoad for a minimum of 5 hours per week. As an example your work could include the following:

1. Promote IslamiCity/HADI projects using Digital and Social Media.

2. Develop written, video, and audio content for IslamiCity.

3. Grant writing for HADI projects.

4. Brainstorm with fellow interns and IslamiCity staff to solve problems.

5. Identify and develop your own personal project.